Our Facilities

The Michigan Turkey Producers methods for manufacturing and manufacturing capabilities are among the best in our industry. We’ve worked hard to provide human handling, innovative processing, and high-quality products.


Chicago Drive Processing Facility – Since 2000

  • Humane Harvesting - Michigan Turkey Producers was the first company in the United States to patent and implement a controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS) system. This system uses CO2, instead of an electric current, to render the birds unconscious. Not only is this process more humane, but it also means fewer blood spots and bruising in the meat, which helps us create a higher quality end-product. For more information on our Humane Handling procedures click here.
  • Hand Deboning - We hand debone our turkeys (as opposed to water deboning) to ensure quality cuts.
  • Sanitation and Safety Standards - Our raw processing plant is designed to meet sanitary and safety standards that far exceed most raw turkey facilities. In fact, the plant more closely resembles a further processor’s facility. For example, all of the walls and ceilings are covered in stainless steel so the entire plant can be easily and regularly sanitized.


Hall Street Cooking Facility – Since 2006

  • Versatility - We offer a complete line of Organic, RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics - Never Ever), All Natural, and Traditional deli products in a variety of shapes and portion sizes. We have the ability to fry, season, smoke, and slice to create the perfect product for any application.
  • Food Safety Standards - Michigan Turkey Producers is BRC certified to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards at both of our production facilities. To further ensure the safety of our Ready-To-Eat products, we utilize a variety of methods, including surface thermal post-pasteurization treatment, antimicrobial ingredient formulations, and/or high pressure post pasteurization processes to treat all post-lethality exposed products. These measures, coupled with a robust environmental and product testing program, ensure that our products are safe for our customers.