RWA & All Natural Products

RWA (Raised without Antibiotics)

Our Raised without Antibiotics (RWA) turkey products are made from turkeys that have never, ever been administered antibiotics. From hatch to harvest, our farmers take great care to ensure our birds are raised to the highest standards, including a strict vegetarian grain diet without animal by-products. Free of phosphates and full of flavor, our RWA products are perfect for pleasing both health conscious and tase conscious consumers.

All Natural

Our state-of-the-art process delicately brings you lean, fresh turkey breast meat tumbled with the finest of all natural ingredients. Each piece is then hand seasoned and slow roated to perfection. The result is luscious turkey with the clean sliceability of the traditional favorite, without the artificial ingredients or preservatives. Bold, palate-pleasing flavors entice the creative cook in everyone to experiment with this lean, healthy favorite.


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