The truth is, not all turkeys are created equal. They aren’t all raised or processed to the same standards either. Which simply means the quality of the turkey you buy has a lot to do with whom you buy it from.

Michigan Turkey Producers takes great pride in bringing you only the best products. We’re a cooperative of family farms – not a division of some giant agribusiness conglomerate. Our focus is on quality so we make sure to do it right.

Each of our member farms has been in operation for decades. That’s a long time to develop and refine our methods, and that experience shows in every serving we produce today. It’s the most wholesome and flavorful turkey you can buy, not to mention the best all-around value.

We start by growing some of the best heavy tom turkeys in the industry. West Michigan is an ideal location, with its temperate climate, rich land and abundant local feedstocks. We are very proud of our two state-of-the-art processing plants, where we use the very latest technologies and practices to produce consistently higher-quality turkey products.

Michigan Turkey Producers offers a wide variety of both raw and cooked turkey products, from ready-to-cook whole breasts and turkey sausage to pre-sliced, oven-roasted and pan-roasted turkey. Try any of them and taste the Michigan Turkey Producers difference for yourself.


Our Mission Statement

Provide nutritious and good tasting quality turkey products by growing, processing and delivering a consistent, reliable, value added and commodity source for industrial foodservice and retail customers.

This will be accomplished by the following Core Values:

  • Mission of the organization
  • Integration of systems, processes and departments to provide quality products and services.
  • Provide associates with educational opportunities while maintaining a safe work environment
  • Responsive to customer needs and expectations
  • Integrity in all business dealings
  • Dedication to the quality production of wholesome turkey products
  • Environment fostering and rewarding teamwork and cooperation