Turkey has long been a staple in the American diet as a versatile and wholesome food with many health benefits. Turkey has fewer calories and less fat than chicken, and is delicious in all kinds of dishes. It’s no wonder turkey consumption is up 104% since 1970.

As an increasingly hot menu option, turkey is packed with more protein than either beef or chicken while having very low saturated fat. It’s popular among everyday meat fans as well as athletes, dieters and health-conscious individuals, and families. Its advantages make turkey the Perfect Protein™, as proclaimed by a major industry campaign that’s helping to increase America’s appetite for this nutritious bird.

Michigan Turkey Producers offers a wide variety of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook value added products that help you capitalize on the turkey trend. We focus on breast meat—the most popular cut—including a number of products that come pre-seasoned and flavored.

In addition to value added products, Michigan Turkey Producers offers a wide range of commodity turkey parts including breasts, fillets, thighs, drumsticks, wings and necks. Choose whole parts or ground turkey, in a variety of proportion sizes and packaging options.

All of our products are Gluten and Allergen free.

We produce our selection of turkey products to ensure the highest quality, from the farm to the deli case.

Our Ready to Eat selection offers many finished options for versatility in menu applications.

Our selection of Ready to Cook products are handmade from quality whole muscle cuts selected for texture, purity and color.