Humane Handling

Every associate under the Michigan Turkey Co-operative umbrella (farm owners, farm workers, load and haul team, and plant employees) is committed to the humane handling of every turkey throughout all stages of the turkey’s life.


At the Farm

  • Ample living space
  • Access to sunlight and fresh air
  • Free to roam under shelter
  • Open-air barns offer protection from predators and harsh climate conditions
  • Experienced caretaking

Load and Haul

  • Humane loading system
  • Turkeys are guided onto conveyor that loads them into cages
  • Eliminates human contact
  • Short transit times from farm to plant
  • Ample room in cages
  • Protection from adverse weather

Humane Harvest

  • Controlled Atmosphere Stun Process (CAS)—the most humane way to harvest a turkey.
  • Better for Our Turkeys: No human contact until after the CAS process.
  • Better for Our Employees: CAS creates a cleaner and safer working condition by eliminating the handling of conscious birds.
  • Better for Our Products: Greatly reduces blood spots and bruising in meat. Also further reduces the incidence of contamination.


Click here to watch a video tour of this process, lead by leading animal welfare expert, Temple Grandin. Our Controlled Atmosphere Stunning system can be seen at 7:15.