Careers at MTP: Maintenance

At Michigan Turkey, our whole business revolves around machinery and the safety of our facilities. If our machines are down or our premises aren’t attended to, we can’t produce our quality products, which is why our Maintenance department is so important and why there is such a variety of occupations and teams within it, including Refrigeration and Facilities. Positions are available on multiple shifts and vary in levels, from 1 to 4, in addition to leads and managers.

Why does our maintenance team like working at MTP?
“I like working in maintenance because I get to diagnose complex machinery and have such satisfaction when the issue is repaired and production can keep moving.”

What makes MTP a great place to work?
“MTP gives me the opportunity to learn and grow at my own pace. Plus, they are committed to helping advance my career!”

Describe MTP in one word. 

Start your career today, with the MTP Maintenance team!

Other Careers in Maintenance

  • Machine Maintenance Technicians
  • Machine Maintenance Leads
  • Refrigeration Technicians
  • Electrical Controls Technicians
  • Facilities Maintenance Technicians

All of our Maintenance positions are eligible for the following benefits:

Potential to earn 104 hours of vacation time in first year
Insurance benefits and holiday pay Eligibility begins the 1st of the month after 60 days
Quarterly Profitability Bonus
401k Associates must be employed a full year with MTP to participate, but are fully vested immediately
Safety Bonuses
Quarterly Attendance Bonus
$100 Yearly Work Boot Allowance
$50 Quarterly Tool Allowance
5 Uniforms Provided Yearly

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